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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Amazing Video Selection

Sorry. None of this is Japan specific content - just recycling from Streetfilms, but some VERY very cool stuff so I had to pick out a few favourites...

And hooray for more of this!!

And this...! Damn, it is no wonder cars are not selling.

So it is not rocket science, but it WORKS. Talk about 1st class service! If you make the effort to ride your bike, then free vallet parking is the least we can do to reward you!

And this is absolutely INCREDIBLE.

All these great videos from Street Films:


Tania said...

The videos are great, specially the one of Paris.

And did you ever see this comparison made on the city of Münster, Germany, before? I haven't, but I think it is very graphic about certain possible solutions.

Tamakikat said...

As a Japan resident I'm enjoying reading your posts about cycling here.

I live in Kyoto which is very bike friendly but I have yet to try cycling in Tokyo. Reading your posts I feel like giving it a go.


Rhino said...
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StompinRhino said...

Thanks for the comments. Tokyo really is a great cycling city, although it could be much much better for both cycling and walking. A sign of a good cycling city is whether you see children and elderly people on bikes and you have both in spades here. It is very unfortunate that there is no good velib system here. It would solve the problem of exits to public transport being crowded with bikes as most people would no longer need their own bicycles. This would in turn allow the velib stations to be right adjacent to subway and train exits for seamless connectivity between modes of public transport.

I am starting to sound like a policy wonk aren't I...?

My other hope is that we will soon see cities develop networks of "green highways" - car-free boulevards stretching from one side of town to the other - and actually getting somewhere.

If only the World Bank would provide loans for THAT instead of more autobahns.