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Monday, January 08, 2007

New German community models car-free living |

New German community models car-free living |

Promising looking idea. The concept is not new, but not many places exist where it has actually been implemented on a large scale.

Also read of a guy in the US who created a solar system for his house, and instead of stopping there, also introduced a hydrogen generator, whereby during summer months the excess solar power would be used to create hydrogen. In long winter nights, energy would be released from the hydrogen generator to make up the difference. A dual system totally self contained, and totally environmentally friendly, which powered his whole house including jacuzzi and all the mod-cons, and also powered the guys electric car to boot. This sort of system sounds incredible. Cost him a lot, but if you could develop this into a marketable product system, it would be awesome, and assume cost would come down.

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